Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer Review

Are you looking for a juicer that comes with many features? Well then Omega J8006 masticating juicer is the best one for you.

Juice is beneficial for a healthier life. It gives more nutrients, enzymes for your health. To get these nutrients, enzymes in more amount you need to pick a better juicer. There is much cold press or masticating juicers are available in the market. Omega is one of the most popular juicer brands. It has some top juicers also in the list of cold press juicers. Today we going to discuss one of the most popular and best masticating juicers. Omega J8006 is the best masticating juicer. This is a perfect juicer to complete your dream about healthier juice. This is one of the best masticating Omega juicer.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

omega j8006 masticating juicer
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The Omega J8006 is a slow masticating juicer also topmost in the list of cold press juicers. Speed is also matters, high-speed juicers create more heat which is not good for juice which loss the nutrients and enzymes also. Slow speed juicers are really helped to save these nutrients by no oxidation during juicing. It comes with many features. It is easy to use and the best juicer for several years. Omega J8006 has the ability to juice all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and leafy grass. This is the best masticating juicer 2020.


This juicer is designed to run at low speed which saves the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. Omega J8006 extracts the maximum amount of juice from the vegetables and fruits. It comes with a powerful motor of 150 W and a speed of 80 RPM. Omega J8006 uses a dual-stage extraction process.

  • Low-speed feature extracts more juice as compared to other juicers.
  • Omega J8006 juicer is suited for both commercial and family usage also.
  • It comes with a single horizontal auger.
  • The powerful motor of 150 W and 80 RPM makes this juicer more powerful.
  • Pulp ejection system to remove the pulp from the juice.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Less noise and vibration so you can run this juicer at any time.
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Juice Quality

Omega J8006 juicer easily extracts the juice from all types of vegetables, fruits, and leafy grass. Because of low speed, there is a minimum amount of heat produces and no oxidation. The juice contains vitamins, nutrients, enzymes that are healthier. This juicer extracts the more yield from less amount of vegetables or fruits.

The juice is long-lasting up to 72 hours with no loss of quality. The juice is totally pulp-free because the pulp ejection system automatically removes the pulp. It is also a foam-free because of low-speed extraction. All parts of the juicer are 100% BPA free which ensures juice does not contain any harmful chemicals during juicing.

Advantages Of Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer

  • Powerful and Quiet motor than other juicers.
  • No oxidation occurs because of low speed.
  • Produces high-quality juice.
  • Suitable for all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
  • More features as compared to the other cold press juicers.
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Limitations of Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer

  • Small size of the feed tube. The size of the tube is 1.5 inches of diameter. So if you want to feed any vegetables or fruits then you need to cut them in smaller pieces before putting them in.

Other Helpful Use

Omega J8006 is very useful for other purposes except juicing as well. Omega J8006 juicer comes with different types of nozzles. You can easily make the nut butter, grind coffee, sorbet, mince herbs, baby foods, pasta, etc. So this is also the best advantage you are getting with this juicer. You can also call this juicer as a multi-purpose juicer.


Omega J8006 juicer is easy to clean and maintain also. Most of the juicers have complicated parts attachments which result in more time taking cleaning. But this juicer is easy to assemble and disassemble parts so it taking very little time to clean the parts. Omega juicer parts are dishwasher safe. You can easily clean this juicer at home with regular water.

Warranty Features

It comes with 15 years of massive warranty. If there is any problem of issues occurs in the juicer then you will get technical support regarding this. Just handle them carefully and clean the parts regularly which will ensure that no issues will arise in the juicing and the juicer will also be long-lasting.


Omega J8006 is really a great choice to add to your kitchen appliances. I personally recommended this juicer. For better and healthier juice this juicer is really a great option.

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